The AASHTO Committee on Safety has seven subcommittees that support states’ efforts in each of their focus areas.

All Committee on Safety members can join the subcommittees. In addition, for each subcommittee, the voting member from each state can appoint one state agency staff person (department of transportation or other agency) to serve on the subcommittee. For more information about a subcommittee contact Kelly Hardy, AASHTO Liaison.

Toward Zero Deaths (TZD)

The TZD Subcommittee promotes the adoption of Toward Zero Deaths: A National Strategy on Highway Safety, and implementation of its countermeasures and strategies. Current focus areas are traffic safety culture, and identifying and increasing the use of strategies and countermeasures that are showing results.

Michelle May, Ohio DOT
Kerry Wilcoxon, Arizona DOT

Technical Publications (Highway Safety Manual)

The Technical Publications Subcommittee oversees the development of the Highway Safety Manual, the premier guidance document for incorporating quantitative safety analysis in highway transportation project planning and development processes.

Stephen Read, Virginia DOT
Bonnie Polin, Massachusetts DOT


The Research Subcommittee coordinates the Committee’s development of research problem statements for the National Cooperative Highway Research Program and coordinates with other AASHTO committees and partners such as Transportation Research Board committees, pooled fund studies, and the Federal Highway Administration to identify research needs and knowledge gaps.

Steven Buckley, Kansas DOT
Adnan Qazi, Arkansas DOT

Data and Performance Management

The Data and Performance Management Subcommittee supports the development and use of analytic tools and innovative methods for relating the impacts of crash frequency and severity reduction on overall changes in traffic safety performance. They also facilitate exchange of information between states about methods and procedures for performance measurement.

Derek Troyer, Ohio DOT
Kelly Campbell, Idaho Transportation Department

Safety Workforce Development

The Subcommittee for Workforce Development focuses on implementing activities and developing and maintaining a skilled workforce through creating and promoting core competencies, safety champions, succession planning and knowledge sharing among safety professionals in highway safety departments nation-wide.


Local Road Safety

The Subcommittee on Local Road Safety works to increase coordination and engagement between state and local highway agencies to eliminate traffic fatalities and serious injuries on locally-owned roads by: encouraging implementing strategic highway safety plans, development and promotion of resources and best practices and identifying new research ideas.

Robert Peterson, California DOT
Matthew Enders, Washington State DOT

Work Zone Safety Joint Subcommittee

The Joint Subcommittee on Work Zones serves as a conduit and central point-of-contact to collect existing challenges and new ideas and technology that is related to high-speed work zone-related issues, needs for research and best practices from various parent committees and organizations.

Jay Norris, Tennessee DOT
Hiral Patel, Georgia DOT


Kelly Hardy
Senior Engineering Program Manager for Safety
AASHTO Liaison