Heavy Trucks: Appendix 6

Profiles of State and Local Agency Implementation Efforts

Emphasis Area
12.1 Heavy Truck Crashes

Strategy Name and Number
Strategy Install Interactive Truck Roll-over Signing.

Agency and Jurisdiction
Pennsylvania DOT (PENNDOT)

Problem(s) Identified
Using statewide plots of truck-related crashes, Pennsylvania has identified Interstate localities with a high number of truck rollover crashes.

Goals and Objectives Established
As part of the high-risk corridor initiative, PENNDOT selected three locations for interactive truck rollover signing, also referred to as Automated Truck Rollover Warning Systems (ATRWS).

Description of Strategy Implemented
Interactive truck rollover signing, which employs highway detectors, was installed at locations that were not well-designed for large trucks, and where rollovers were occurring. These detectors measure vehicle speed and weight, truck height, then flash a warning sign for vehicles that are exceeding safe speeds, and trucks that are at risk of rollover. The sign alerts the driver to reduce speed. Exhibit 5-1 is a schematic of the system and photo of the interactive warning display.

Summary of Implementation Effort (Lessons Learned)
Pennsylvania has installed interactive truck rollover signing at three locations that were noted for rollovers. The high installation cost for sophisticated systems (approximately $210,000) prevents more widespread use of the approach. Maintenance of these systems is a key element to include in deployment. These systems do require routine monitoring and maintenance, and have experienced downtime. One ATRWS location has since been removed due to realignment of the roadway.

Summary of Results
No formal evaluation has been performed, but one is anticipated in 2004. A cost-benefit analysis may also be included as part of the evaluation.

Contact Person and Information
Robert J. Pento, P.E., Manager, Rural ITS & Special Projects Section/ITS & Congestion Management Division, Bureau of Highway Safety & Traffic Engineering, P.O. Box 2047, Harrisburg, PA 17105-2047, PENNDOT, (717)783-6265.

Exhibit 5-1
Schematic of an interactive truck rollover advisory system and photograph of dynamic display. Provided by the PENNDOT Bureau of Highway Safety & Traffic Engineering.