Heavy Trucks: Appendix 1

Profile of State Agency Implementation Efforts

Emphasis Area
Heavy Truck Safety

Strategy Name and Number
Strategy 12.1 A2: Create Additional Parking Spaces.

Agency and Jurisdiction
Kentucky Transportation Cabinet - Responsible for custodial and grounds maintenance at rest areas and Commercial Vehicle Monitoring (CVM) Station Truck Rest Havens.

Problem(s) Identified
The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet determined in 1996 that more than 700 additional heavy truck parking spaces were needed on Kentucky interstates to prevent truck parking on shoulders, ramps, and other spaces not designated for truck parking. Accordingly, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet embarked on a mission to utilize existing and planned CVM Stations as the focal point for providing this service to the trucking industry.

  1. Negotiations with the Motor Vehicle Enforcement group were required to allow truckers to park at the CVM stations without being subject to special scrutiny.
  2. The construction of new Truck Haven facilities was delayed because of budget shortfalls, and Kentucky has not been able to provide the facilities in the time frame stated in the original plan.
  3. Costs for the one Truck Haven facility that has been constructed were higher than was originally planned.

Goals and Objectives Established
Provide additional rest parking opportunities for truckers to prevent parking on the shoulders and on the ramps of Interstates, and to alleviate the extensive parking by trucks in rest area locations that were not intended as truck parking areas. Specific objectives included:

  1. Convert five existing CVM Stations to Truck Rest Havens with fifty (50) parking spaces each and extended services (restrooms and vending);
  2. Modify a current CVM Station project (two facilities) under construction to add the Truck Rest Haven and the additional parking spaces;
  3. Provide extended services (Truck Rest Haven including fifty (50) parking spaces, restrooms, and vending) at all seven (7) proposed future CVM Stations

Description of Strategy Implemented

  1. Portable toilet facilities were placed and are still in operation at four of the five existing facilities to provide rest room facilities for truck drivers. A mobile home purchased from FEMA was placed at the remaining facility to provide these same restroom facilities. Construction of two of these Truck Rest Haven facilities are scheduled to go under contract in late 2004.
  2. The modification to the facilities under construction on I-75 near the Tennessee Border was made, the Truck Rest Haven with restrooms and vending was erected, and the parking spaces were established. These two facilities were dedicated and opened to traffic in December, 1999;
  3. The strategy of adding extended services at seven proposed new facilities did not materialize. However, the Cabinet has decided to construct four new Kentucky Port-of-Entry CVM Stations complete with extensive parking and Truck Rest Haven facilities.

Summary of Implementation Effort (Lessons Learned)
Where facilities have been converted to Truck Rest Havens with adequate parking, the use by truck drivers has been outstanding. Manual counts at the new facility on I-75 are consistently in the 40-50 range (i.e., 80 to 100%) during the night hours. Drivers have time to rest without subject to additional inspections or other scrutiny by MVE officers.

Summary of Results
Construction of the facilities is not on the schedule that was in the original approved process plan, and funding has not been consistent with other federal highway projects. The process of providing the restroom and vending facilities at CVM stations for truckers is going to be a much longer process that was initially intended.

Contact Person and Information
P. David Cornett, Branch Manager
Rest Area/CVM Station Team Manager
Kentucky Transportation Cabinet
Department of Highways/Division of Operations
State Office Building, Room 705, 501 High Street
Frankfort, Kentucky 40622
Phone: (502) 564-4556, EXT. 166
FAX: (502) 564-6640
E-mail: DavidP.Cornett@mail.state.ky.us