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Implementation Guides

About the Guides

In 1998, AASHTO approved its Strategic Highway Safety Plan, which was developed by the AASHTO Standing Committee for Highway Traffic Safety with the assistance of the Federal Highway Administration, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and the Transportation Research Board Committee on Transportation Safety Management. The plan includes strategies in 22 key emphasis areas that affect highway safety. Each of the emphasis areas includes strategies and an outline of what is needed to implement each strategy.

NCHRP Project 17-18(3) is developing a series of guides to assist state and local agencies in reducing injuries and fatalities in targeted emphasis areas. The guides correspond to the emphasis areas outlined in the AASHTO Strategic Highway Safety Plan. Each guide includes a brief introduction, a general description of the problem, the strategies/countermeasures to address the problem, and a model implementation process.

Viewing the Guides

These are the available volumes of NCHRP Report 500: Guidand for Implementation of the AASHTO Strategic Highway Safety Plan, a series in which relevant information is assembled into single concise volumes, each pertaining to specific types of highway crashes (e.g., run-off-road, head-on) or contributing factors (e.g., aggressive driving). Future volumes of the report will be published and linked to the AASHTO Safety Plan Web site as they are completed. All six guides are available in pdf format; the first two guides are also available as html links.

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Ordering the Guides

To order hard copies of these guides, please go to the Transportation Research Board Bookstore online or use the links below to go directly to a specific publication in TRB's bookstore:

While each volume includes countermeasures for dealing with particular crash emphasis areas, NCHRP Report 501: Integrated Management Process to Reduce Highway Injuries and Fatalities Statewide (PDF) provides an overall framework for coordinating a safety program. The integrated management process comprises the necessary steps for advancing from crash data to integrated action plans. Together, the management process and the guides provide a comprehensive set of tools for managing a coordinated highway safety program.