Toward Zero Deaths: a National Strategy on Highway Safety

Toward Zero Deaths: a National Strategy on Highway Safety is an effort to develop a national approach to eliminating highway fatalities as a threat to public and personal health. To be developed with input from a wide range of highway safety stakeholders, the end result of the National Strategy will have two key parts: a national safety plan and an associated outreach program, and a process for implementing the plan.

The holistic, data-driven plan will include key emphasis areas, projection of future needs, promising countermeasures, and expected improvements. Click here for an overview of the effort to date. See below for information on activities related to:

  1. Stakeholder Input
  2. White Papers
  3. Draft Outline
  4. National Workshop
  5. Next Steps

Stakeholder Input

Highway safety stakeholders are encouraged to provide input to the TZD effort. You can send your thoughts and join the stakeholder group to receive updates and information for review.

June 2010 Webinars: To gather information and insight into some of the highway safety issues expected to be included in the National Strategy, a series of stakeholder input webinars were held in June. Transcript summaries, presentations, and recordings of those webinars are available through the links below.

Join the stakeholder group to receive updates and information throughout the process. Stakeholders can:

White Papers

  1. Future View of Transportation: Implications for Safety
  2. Safety Culture
  3. Safer Drivers
  4. Safer Vehicles
  5. Safer Vulnerable Users
  6. Safer Infrastructure
  7. Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
  8. Data Systems and Analysis Tools
  9. Lessons Learned from Other Countries
  10. Summary Paper

Draft Outline

From the white papers, webinars, and other stakeholder input, a draft outline for the national strategy has been developed. This was modified based on input received during the stakeholder workshop in August 2010. Click here for the updated outline.

National Stakeholder Workshop

A stakeholder workshop was held August 25-26, 2010, in Washington, D.C., and online. The purpose was to gather stakeholder input on the national strategy and materials developed to date. Guest speakers included FHWA Administrator Victor Mendez and FMCSA Administrator Anne Ferro. Materials from the workshop, including recordings of plenary sessions, can be accessed below:

  1. Agenda
  2. Presentations and Recordings:
  3. TZD Workshop Summary

Next Steps

The initial phase of this effort will result in a finalized outline for the National Strategy. This will include these activities:

The next phase will include the full development of the national strategy by the spring of 2011. Funding available through the National Cooperative Highway Research Program will support the development of the strategy, including gap analysis and some additional research, as well as marketing and communications efforts. Adoption and implementation of the National Strategy and by highway safety stakeholder organizations will follow.

Based on the outline developed in the initial phase of this project, the National Strategy is being developed through two projects sponsored by the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP). One project will develop the national strategy; click here to reach the project website. The second project will develop a communications and marketing plan for the effort. Additional information on these projects will be posted as available.

Steering Committee

A committee of representatives from organizations and agencies that own, operate, enforce and maintain our nation's roads has led the initial development of the TZD initiative. Organizations on the Steering Committee are:

The federal government is represented in an ex-officio capacity by:

Send Feedback

We welcome continued involvement as we explore issues in highway safety with a diverse group of highway safety stakeholders. The implementation of the plan will be a living process consisting of strategies for developing strong leadership and champions at the federal, state, and local levels of highway agencies and governmental bodies; support for organizations that directly impact highway safety, through engineering, enforcement, education, EMS, policy, public health, communications, and other efforts; and a program for changing highway safety culture in the United States. A key piece will be an action plan with performance measures.

For additional information, or to join the stakeholder group, contact:

Kelly Hardy
AASHTO Program Manager for Safety

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