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Implementing the AASHTO Strategic Highway Safety Plan

AASHTO, along with several other organizations that represent state-based highway safety agencies, has adopted a goal of halving highway fatalities within two decades.  AASHTO’s Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) was developed with input from numerous safety stakeholders and is the tool that is guiding our efforts in reaching this goal.  This website contains the SHSP as well as other tools developed for the implementation of this plan.

Strategic Highway Safety Plan

What is the Highway Safety Manual?
The Highway Safety Manual (HSM) introduces a science-based technical approach that takes the guesswork out of safety analysis. The HSM provides tools to conduct quantitative safety analyses, allowing for safety to be quantitatively evaluated alongside other transportation performance measures such as traffi c operations, environmental impacts, and construction costs.

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Visit http://www.highwaysafetymanual.org for more information

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"Tools for Life" is a joint effort to implement the AASHTO Strategic Highway Safety Plan effectively and drive down fatalities on the nation's highway fatalities. AASHTO has teamed with the Governors Highway Safety Association, Federal Highway Administration, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Transportation Research Board of the National Academies, and the National Cooperative Highway Research Program to develop tools that will enable federal, state, and local highway agencies to save lives. These tools were developed through the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP).

Tools for Life

Current Activities

Web Conference: (SR500)TZD Stakeholder Workshop

This workshop was intended to gather input as a national strategic highway safety plan is being developed and to determine how the plan should be implemented once it is finalized. AASHTO, with the help of many highway safety stakeholders, developed and adopted a Strategic Highway Safety Plan, and each state and many stakeholder organizations have their own strategic highway safety plans, there does not exist one strategy that unites all of these common efforts. The United States Department of Transportation (specifically through the Federal Highway Administration) and AASHTO have initiated an effort to develop a national approach to eliminating highway fatalities as a threat to public and personal health. Unlike the earlier AASHTO SHSP, this effort will not be owned by any one organization, but will be developed with input from the world of highway safety stakeholders. As part of this effort, AASHTO will be updating its own Strategic Highway Safety Plan. Additional information on Toward Zero Deaths: a National Strategy on Highway Safety.

Highway Safety News

Traffic fatalities declined roughly 5% during the first three quarters of 2010 compared to the same period last year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration concluded in a recently released document. An estimated 24,460 Americans died in motor-vehicle crashes between January and September, according to NHTSA's statistical projection. That's down from the 25,603 traffic deaths that occurred during the first nine months of 2009. NHTSA's latest two-page fact sheet on traffic fatalities is available at bit.ly/NHTSA811431.